anticonvulsants for anxiety

Can anticonvulsants help patients with anxiety disorders

The rationale for the use of anticonvulsants in anxiety disorders is supported by neurobiological underpinnings that make these compounds a . May be useful for social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder. May work better by adding it to a primary medication that .The strongest evidence, however, is from controlled studies. It supports the use of lamotrigine in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); gabapentin in so- cial phobia; pregabalin in social phobia, generalized anxi- ety disorder (GAD) and GAD with comorbiThus far, the strongest placebo-controlled evidence has demonstrated the efficacy of pregabalin in treating social phobia and generalised anxiety disorder, while smaller or less robust controlled trials have suggested the potential efficacy of gabapentin An updated MEDLINE search (January 1970 to September 2006) using the terms "panic disorder," "agoraphobia," "posttraumatic stress disorder," "obsessive-compulsive disorder," "generalized anxiety disorder," "social phobia," "phobia," "carbamazepine," "phenAnticonvulsant drugs are widely used in psychiatric indications. These include mainly alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal syndromes, panic and anxiety .The behavioral effects of antiepileptic drugs may differ between epilepsy and psychiatric . Pande (17) showed that social phobia and other forms of anxiety are .The basis for the use of anticonvulsant drugs in treating anxiety disorders can be found in the main cerebral structures involved in fear circuits. Antipsychotics and Anticonvulsants for Anxiety Disorders We know how frequently our patients complain of anxiety.Treating Anxiety Disorders with Anticonvulsant Drugs: Is There Any Evidence? Marco Mula. Affiliation: Department of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, Division  .

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