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When we released the SHIELD controller this past summer, we received a ton of requests from GeForce owners for Windows PC support. Today, with the release of GeForce Experience 2.1.2, we are excited to announce wired PC controller support, allowing you2 Feb 2017 ... The new SHIELD controller can be used as a wired USB game controller with Windows 7, 8, and 10 PCs equipped with GeForce GPUs and GeForce Experience software. Steps to enable: 1) Update the firmware on the controller to v1.0 or later. ThiLearn more about SHIELD controller features.NVIDIA publishes source code, binary packages and USB drivers for developers and the Android open source community to use in development and to create ... To revert your SHIELD Portable to the last OS prior to the switch to Android 5.x (" Lollipop") IMPORTANT: this driver doesn't support the 2017 Shield Controller yet. Support is planned but until then, the new model is already partially supported out-of-the-box by the generic Windows driver. NVIDIA Shield Controller Windows driver. ThisSo I've been doing a bit of searching around and it seems like there hasn't been much movement on make the Shield Controller work on PC yet. So the questi… ... The NVIDIA Shield Controller seems really good to me in the time that I've used it. ... httpIn both previous versions of alpha, gamepad worked fine. Now the game does not recognize him. I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the game, but it did not help. edit: i found this "fix" but It doesn't look verIs there a way to use the shield controller with PC over wifi and/or BT? I seem to have stumbled on one dodgy post ... FAQ you can, but with a view caveats. Your PC needs to be running Windows 7 or 8 and have the GeForce Experience app installed: https:5 Aug 2016 ... The game controller for the NVIDIA Shield TV is pretty good. It feels solid and the buttons are pretty good too. While it was designed to work with the Shield, it is essentially a standard Bluetooth controller, meaning you can pair it wit17 Sep 2014 ... The controller of the Nvidia Shield tablet will be getting Windows PC drivers this fall.

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